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About us

Ai Mediq S.A. is a young Helth BioMed tech company, headquarter in Luxembourg.

Company is focusing on development of therapeutic solutions based on individual cell protection mechanisms management following the concept of personalized medicine. Company developed and sells innovative hypoxic medical devices for treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular, neurological diseases and metabolic disorders.

Ai Mediq Group was founded in 2003 by a group of scientists in search of methods of preventive and preventativemedicine. The medical community has expressed a critical need for a device to provide interval hypoxia therapy for treating cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic diseases. A new treatment method has been developed, relevant patents registered and preclinical trials started.

In 2009, the company established its headquarters in Luxembourg and was officially incorporated as Ai Mediq S.A.

Ai Mediq S.A. began to develop a prototype for the new treatment method focused on screening analysis and biofeedback (SRT-Technology). This technology automatically adjusts procedure parameters in response to alterations in SpO2 and pulse oximeter heart rate readouts during the whole procedure.

In 2012 Ai Mediq S.A. presented ReOxy breathing therapy device to an international audience during World Cardiological Congress 2012 in Dubai, UAE.

The company’s product offering continues to evolve and expand and is permanently focused on areas that are vital for the improvement of patient care.